IPONWEB is an AI, data & engineering company. Renowned in the ad tech industry as a pioneer, this enigmatic Russian enterprise is the global leader in their field.

While the quality of their bespoke trading platforms is second to none, this excellence was not reflected in the company website. With a strong brand in place already, my goal was to design an exciting new web presence. Seeking a fresh aesthetic to work with beyond their existing guidelines, I was inspired by the architecture of their Moscow office. Influenced by the striking geometric shapes, I created a new graphic treatment which subtly evolved the existing brand and translated Za Bor architects vision into the digital domain.

iOS Screen iOS Screen
Teaching machines to think. Evolving businesses to suceed

User Experience

Working closely with the client to understand their business, I helped define a site structure and information hierarchy. I then worked up wireframes and prototypes to show how their huge set of detailed content could be organised in a way that was simple and easy to navigate.

Website Design

The existing brand used flat ‘nodes’ and connections with black as a lead colour. To expand this into a style that could be used consistently across the site, I added a blue to the primary palette that added some variety and helped break the sea of information into consumable chunks. Once this was combined with simple blocks of content, harsh geometric shapes and good use of space, the website had the desired impact.

Screen Shot on white macbook
Screen Shot on white macbook
Screen Shot on white macbook
Screen Shot on contact
Screen Shot on new & insights
Screen Shot on moscow
Screen Shot on about us
Screen shots on mobile device

Fully Responsive

Because the geometric shapes cutting through various images and copy blocks is a key brand asset, it was important to make sure each responsive state was considered. I defined visual designs for devices from mobile up to large retina displays to ensure the design could work on any form factor.