Worldpay is a leading global payments provider for companies of all sizes. A secure platform to enable a vast array of payment solutions, anywhere in the world.

WorldPay’s research team had compiled a piece of detailed research on trends in worldwide digital payment preferences. My goal was to create a series of online infographic websites that presented this data in a simple, engaging format. The subjects covered ranged from online subscriptions, conversion rates, international trading behaviour and more. The main aim was to create a look and feel that would engage users and drive awareness of the key market trends. I created a series of illustrations to help tell the story, coupled with a very different style of marketing website.

Screen Shot on white macbook Screen Shot on white macbook
Screen Shot on white macbook
Mobile Illustration
Worldpay concept sketch


Illustration was at the heart of this project. As the statements were clear and concise, I worked to create a new style that would visualise this and WorldPay could leverage to stand out on social channels and drive traffic to the website.


After the illustration phase was signed off, it was equally important to move into motion design to create maximum impact. I worked closely with a team of motion designers to art direct movements that complemented the visual design and were technically feasible.

User Experience

I wanted to create a website that had a seamless user journey and showcased the illustration style I’d developed to highlight each key message. I created a split screen, fixed panel scroll that kept the illustration work always in view and made the website fun and easy to explore.

Worldpay wireframes
Worldpay screenshot - identity
Worldpay screenshot - growth
Worldpay screenshot - seamless


On the face of it, this type of site design sounds complex but it’s extremely simple in design and works beautifully as a responsive piece, with the split screen shifting to full scroll on mobile

Social Media

WorldPay also wanted a social media campaign to promote each website. The animation and illustration helped catch people’s attention and deliver effective messages to their target audience.